Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3 signs of beauty

So, Sis, one of the germans and myself are in Yangshuo China admiring the scenery and having a very good time. A full travelogue will be forthcoming when I can add pictures, but here was today's gem:

We all went on a daytrip to see the dragon's backbone rice terraces 4 hours north of Yangshuo. Really beautiful and well worth the trip. On the way there our guide explains thet the terraces are the home of the Yao people and goes on to explain about their rituals and customs. She then goes on to explain the "three things that make a wife attractive to a husband in Yao culture:"

  • "Big Feet so they can climb up the mountains easier."
  • "Big Voice so that they can call their husband down from the top of the mountain to eat. this was before cell phones."
  • "Big Ass because it means lots of babies."

Of course her choice of vocabulary caused all of us gweilos to laugh. We would have used wide hips. . .

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Faisal said...

"Wide hips" ?! Shoot, say what's on your mind Brian my man. You know you want a woman with a big booty...