Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Some more Chinglish

My Dad has asked me to take pictures of the Chinglish signs I've encountered along the way in China. He wants me to "preserve history" before the linguistic police get rid of the funny. Although in a country of 1 billion+, I'm sure it'll be around for a while.

I've definitely been a little lax on documenting the signs, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunity to catch up in Yangshou. However, in order to appease my Dad I'll post what I have in my collection so far:

In Shenzhen as I'm leaving a store:

Courtesy of ChickenMan. . .Not one I've seen personally, but Chinese speakers I've asked said it's plausible since that is the literal translation in Chinese
An interesting way of saying "Do not enter" on the Great Wall...
These are from HK. Not exactly Chinglish but still interesting.

Some very erudite graffiti:

Why not just say clean up after your dog? Anyways I didn't know dogs played baseball.


Vineeth Subramanyam said...

Hilarious! Keep 'em coming.

shmoo said...

In one bathroom we went to in China (may have been in the Forbidden City, but not sure) the sign on the handicapped stall said something like Old Man Toilet. Clearly, Old Man Toilet is not as respected as Old Man River.

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