Friday, April 13, 2007

What's so Funny?

One day while in Yangshuo China sis, the German, and myself had a throughly entertaining lunch at a hostel/restaurant called Lisa's. We chose this particular establishment because our Lonely Planet described it as a local institution whose owner had a penchant for wearing Mao jackets. Based on this description there was no way we could go wrong!

We sat down, and started thumbing through the menu. As a hostel/restaurant Lisa provided a number of services meant to help their guests enjoy their time in Yangshuo. Most of the services were simply making booking for tours and transit, which is actually a pretty valuable service in a country where you can't speak the language. However when we read #7 both sis and I started laughing for obvious reasons. Granted they meant Laundry service, but in the land of the "special massage" you never know what kind of service they could offer sis and I. . .

As all of us start laughing at the Landry service, our waitress comes over and goes "What's so funny?" We try to explain the joke to her, but it flew over her head and she looked at us like we were crazy gweilos. Another example of how humor translates poorly. . .

Well moving on from the services page we start noticing intresting things like dog, snake and bamboo rat intermixed amongst the standard chicken, beef and pork. For those of you not familiar with a bamboo rat, let me provide a visual aid:

Sis, recently arrived into China, started looking very squeamish at some of the options available before her. The German and I were not so squeamish and figured when in Yangshuo do as the Yangshoians and decided to order something exotic. Sis put her foot down at the dog(as a former subscriber to Dog Fancy magazine I can't imagine why) and bamboo rat, but we were able to convince her to order a snake dish along with the more normal chicken and pork.

We get our chicken and pork dishes pretty quickly, but the snake is taking a long time to come. Just as we were starting to wonder what was going on this guy comes into the restaurant with a bag that is moving. Apparantely when we ordered the snake an employee went to the local market to buy our lunch. Our waitress sees this and goes "Your snake is here, would you like to see it?"

Well, Sis instantly turns green and goes "No, no, no, no!!!!" The German and I of course say "Yes!" and start laughing as Sis shoots us a death glare. This was enough for the waitress and she fishes the snake out of the bag for our inspection.

Sis squeals and cringes since she is actually afraid of snakes. This of course causes the German and I to start laughing hysterically which prompts another "What's so funny?" and puzzled glance from our waitress. . .

Well shortly thereafter the snake arrives on our table. The German and I dig in. The snake was actually only okay, it tasted like a boney chicken with a squid like texture. . . Sis, only takes a couple of bites before she calls it quits. The German was more than happy to eat her share.

After stuffing ourselves the three of us decide to hit the bathroom before we leave. There were only 2 bathrooms, so I have to wait while the German and Sis do their thing. As I hear the toilet flush I hear sis squeal. Then I hear the German go "Holy #%#%" in his room. He comes out and goes "watch out for the flush on that thing mate." Sis comes out and confirms that the toilets erupt like a geyser when flushed. Apparently this caught both of them by surprise. . . Well my curiosity gets the better of me and I decide to test this flush mechanism before I do my thing. Sure enough it's a verifiable Old Faithful that hits the garbage can with its spray. . .

Again we all bust a gut and our waitress sees this and again goes "What's so funny?!?" We point to the toilet which only gets us a blank look from her.

I guess misspellings, slithering snakes, and exploding toilets are only funny to crazy gweilo like us. . .

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I passed!

Well, I just got my grades for my time abroad. . . 2As and a B+.

Damn it, I worked too hard in Asia!!!!