Monday, March 5, 2007

River of Gold

Okay, I'm going to take a break from recounting my travels to share today's events in Shenzhen. I went there yet again to pick up some clothes I was having tailor made. Unfortunately I left the PRC sans those clothes because A) the suit was too tight and thus needs further alterations and B) the shirt tailor was closed despite promising to be open today. . . Mother(*&(*@#&!. Oh well, such is life when you cheap out and go to Shenzhen for clothes. . .

Anyways, I decided to venture further into Shenzhen to do some souveneir shopping away from the more expensive "Commercial City" at the Lo Wu border. In order to leave the border I had to take Shenzhen's metro (which is very nice). I actually had a good excursion, which saved the day from being a complete wreck, and bought some gifts for family back at home and for my sister who's coming to visit me in HK in a couple of days.

On my return ride I was on guard for pickpockets, which are plentiful in Shenzhen. So, when I saw a seat open up I sat down in order to better protect my wallet. I thought nothing of sitting next to a father whose toddler was standing on the seat next to him. A minute or two later I saw the father jump out of his seat. He then starts tapping me on the shoulder with some urgency, but given I didn't speak Chinese I didn't know what was wrong. I was also a bit afraid it was a ruse to distract and pickpocket me. He then starts pointing to the seat next to me, and I look at what has him all worried. That's when I notice a yellow river being propelled my way due to the mometum of the train. Yes that's right his son pissed all over the bench.

He suddenly has my attention and I leap out of my seat. Luckily I escape getting wet by an inch or so. Meanwhile everybody in the train is having a good laugh at me, and does not seem to mind that the toddler has turned the train car into his own urinal. There were no looks of shock or disgust. For them it was another instance of a foreigner overreacting to something common over here. Although they did give the father tissue to help clean up after his son, which he dutifully did. They offer them to me as well, but thankfully I didn't need them.

I look to the kid and notice that his pants are not wet. As I'm contemplating how the hell the kid pissed all over the seat . . . I mean did he drop trou? . . . I notice that his pants have a slit open in the front and in the back and that there is no diaper (or anything of any kind for that matter since I saw flesh). He just let loose and his clothes were designed not to catch it.

What the ^%$&$^&?!?!! Do his parents let him make the world his bathroom?!?!?!

If so, I realize there could have been a much messier situation on the metro. . .

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Josekin said...

I'm surprised that you just found out. Such convenient diapers are the norm in China.